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We all take care of our skin and hair during the hot summer days through lotions and creams, but what about the eyes? Your eyes are much vulnerable to the harshness of summer and hence it is not an option but a norm to take good care of your eyes during the summer season, says the best eye specialist in Pune. Spending lot of time under the scorching sun can trigger unwanted optical issues which otherwise could be easily avoided through these 10 easy ways.

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  1. Protect your eyes from UVA and UVB: The only option to protect your eyes comprehensively from the harmful UV rays is through good quality sunglasses. Given an option go for the sunglasses that offers protection even from the sides.
  2. Wear head gears: Although it is common to see people wearing caps during hot day hours, it would be a good option if it is swapped with a wide brimmed hat – it protects both face and eyes.
  3. Opt for tinted glasses: Even while driving or staying near the windows inside your home or office, UV rays can attack you. Wherever and whenever possible, wear sunglasses or have your window glasses tinted.
  4. Practice good hygiene habits: Washing hands regularly and avoiding rubbing of eyes can go long way not only during summer but through all seasons. As summer is one of the apt periods of contracting communicable eye related diseases such as conjunctivitis, extra caution in the form of regular hand washes would make your life easy.
  5. Get protection against dust: It is not uncommon to see dusty wind during summers and hence make it a habit of wearing protective glasses even while going out for an evening stroll. Remember that contact of eye with foreign particles is a good recipe for trouble, warns an ophthalmologist associated with a reputed eye clinic in Pune.
  6. Drink plenty of water: It is natural for people to get dehydrated during summer and the easiest remedy to avert the problem is to drink plenty of water. In should be borne in the mind that dehydration in the body also affects eyes and leads to dry eye syndrome and other optical issues.
  7. Resort to eye drops: In spite of best efforts, it is quite possible to get dry eyes or dust allergies during summers. It would definitely be a good idea to apply eye drops in consultation with your doctor. If necessary, you can also contact our eye hospital in Pune to address your concerns of chronic dry eyes.
  8. Have adequate sleep: However busy you are, there is really no excuse for lack of sleep. Yes, tiredness and lack of sleep can make your eyes dry and prompt for constant rubbing, which in turn becomes the hotspot for infection.
  9. Be cautious during swimming: Who doesn’t enjoy the pool of water in summer? But your enjoyment can be extended only if you adopt caution while swimming. Yes, shield your eyes with proper goggles to save your eyes from harsh chlorinated water in the swimming pool.
  10. Offer sun protection through prescription glasses: Having difficulty in switching back and forth from prescription glasses to sunglasses? You can always opt for prescription sunglasses without sacrificing both vision and safety.

Summers are to be enjoyed and with protective gears, you can always have more fun. If you would like to get your eyes examined for any vision problems during any particular season, you can always visit our eye glasses & lens clinic in Pune and avail best of service. All you need to do is to schedule an appointment and meet us.

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